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General and Basic FAQ

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What is the first step I need to take to host my website
with your company?
The first step you need to take is to choose a domain name,
or you can use our own domain name ( 

Once you have obtained a domain name you must verify the 
features that your website will require listed in our packages 
page. When you have chosen the plan you need then simply 
fill out the online order form.
How do I get my files transferred to your server ?
All you have to do is download the files off your current
host and upload them to our servers via any ftp client (
cuteftp or wsftp ) or publisher.
Do you support International domain names?
Yes! We support all domain name extensions from around the
Can I have adult content on my website?
Adult content in all forms (video,images,live or recorded
video feeds) are NOT allowed to be stored on a PagePH
server regardless of location of server and client. 

Several example of "Adult" content that is Strictly
Prohibited on our servers are: Scandals
(video,images,feed), Pornographic Websites, Pornographic
files, Material that is considered obscene, Affiliate portal
or advertising of adult sites, Website or Domain that is
related to prostitution in any way or form.
Do you support CGI and PHP?
Yes we do, check out packages too see the complete list of
Can I host more than one domain name per account?
YES, the number depends on your package.
Why should I choose Page.PH as my webhost?
PagePH is an industry provider since 2003 and maintains one 
of the most feature rich hosting packages on the market.

PagePH offers Cpanel™ on it's packages, the premier
software in the business. 

Our servers are located on a first
class data center in the US to give you a world class service.
How do I get started?
Simple! Just select a hosting plan then fill out the order form. 
You will receive details shortly afterwards about how to 
proceed with the payment and access your new Page.PH 
Hosting Account!
Do you provide windows hosting or support ASP?
Unfortunately NO, We currently provide unix hosting and 
reseller plans.

However, PagePH is  in the process of expanding our services 
with new services and on the top of the list is Windows hosting 
plans, expected to be available mid 2006.
Can I host more than one domain name per account?
YES, the number depends on your package.
Can I host eggdrop bots?
Eggdrops bots, irc scripts, spam scripts or any other kind of 
illegal activity are not allowed. If you host such content, your  
account will be terminated.

Our partner Pinoyshells can provide irc services, please 
Contact Us if interested.
How long have you been in business?
Our team was an active industry provider since early 2000 
providing services such as development consultation and 
outsourced site development.

PagePH was established mid 2003 with the increasing demand 
on the local market for web hosting services and domain name 
How much assistance do you provide for my website?
We will assist you with all support for all services provided by 
PagePH. We will help you with basic settings for your email 
software and ftp client, as well as assist you with using the 
web browser control panel.

3rd party scripts/programs and anything complicated relating 
to design/development is not our responsibility but we will try 
to help you as much as we can.
What type of support do you offer? Average Response Time?
Page.PH offers support to our clients via E-mail, YM, Mobile 
and Text.  

We strive for response times of no more than 12hrs. Response 
times of just a few minutes are quite common during normal 
business hours.
What happens if I decide to leave Page.PH?
You are free to leave at any time. We will not charge you 
Is fantastico available?
Yes, fantastico is enabled on all hosting and reseller plans.
How fast are websites set up?
PagePH strives for a setup time of no more than 12 hours after 
verification of payment. 

To avoid delay please Contact Us after 
Do you have a Service Level Agreement (SLA)?
Yes we are proud of our service and have an SLA in effect for 
our hosting services, please CLICK HERE for more details.
Do you have a list of clients?
Yes, however we don't publish the list on our website. Unlike 
other providers, we respect our clients privacy as stated on 
our Privacy Policy.

To request our client list please Contact Us and we will 
be happy to send the list within the day.
Do you accept web design projects?
Yes, please Contact Us for more details.
What if my site breaks your "acceptable usage policy, TOS" 
Users' sites may be suspended for violations of policy, or if 
extreme, or second time offenders, sites may be canceled.

Each occurrence is dealt with on a case by case basis, and we 
try to work things out with every client. Notifications will be 
sent, if Page.PH takes any action on your account.

For other questions, comments and bug report kindly Contact Us.