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Domain Name Registration

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How do I register a domain name?
How do i transfer my domain to PagePH?
How much does it cost to register  or transfer a domain name?
What characters and how many characters can a domain 
name have?
Can I register a domain and host it elsewhere?
I want to register a domain but I don't have a host yet?
I have misspelled my domain name, can I change it?
Is there a fee when I modify my domain?
I have money in my account. Why can't I register 
Why is my contact information made public.
How can i protect my information if it is made public?
What is the ID Shield?
Can I update my domain name?
How long does it take before my domain to become active in 
the internet?
I updated my DNS records and my domain still does not work?
Can I register Host Name Server(s)?
Do .biz domain names have any restrictions?

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