Important! - PHP.

Due to security reasons and as advised by the PHP 
Community, We have turned OFF the register_globals of PHP 
on all servers. The PHP community decided to turn OFF 
register_globals by default on all future release of PHP from 4.
2.0 onwards, this was a very controversial and debatable 
issue, for more details please see the following:

If you notice one of your PHP script or pages not working or 
you just want to continue using global variables please do the 

you will need to create a .htaccess file in your site's main 
directory (or the main directory of your site that contains PHP 
scripts). Your .htaccess file should contain the following line:

php_value register_globals 1

If you need assistance on doing this kindly Contact Us 
and we will be happy to do this for you.

* Please take note the security risk on doing this. 
You may also want to consider recoding your php pages with 
register_globals turned off since the PHP Community is 
planning to eliminate this on future release of PHP.

Most developers including php scripts found under fantastico 
have redesigned their codes to work when register_globals are 
turned off, kindly update or visit their website for a patch if 
you experience any problem on your php scripts.

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