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PagePH Web Solutions is glad to announce that we are once 
again offering free or discounted web hosting services to 
selected websites. Up to 100GB Bandwidth and 1GB Disc 
Space is given to qualified websites. 

What is the catch? Very simple! we only request that your site 
link back to PagePH ( to qualify for this promo. 
May it be a text link or a small banner, this will depend on 
your current account resource usage.

To qualify, you must have a domain name and an existing 
website or future website (subject  for  review and approval) 
and under the following category:

Educational Websites: FREE Hosting.
Personal Blog Sites: FREE Hosting.

Personal Portfolio Site: 50% to 100% OFF.
Non Profit Organization: 50% to 100% OFF.
Church and Religion: 50% to 100% OFF.

Local Fan Sites: 20% OFF.
Hobby and Special Interest: 20% OFF.
Educational Institutions: 20% OFF.
Digital Art and Photography: 30% OFF.
APC (Asia Pacific College) Students: 50% OFF.
IBM Intellect Students: 50% OFF.

* Discounts is available for semi-annual and yearly 

Please Contact Us if interested.
Limited accounts available, inquire now!

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